Estimated Expenses for International Students

Estimate of Expenses for One Academic Year (Two Semesters)

Non-Resident Tuition $211.00 per unit $5,064.00
Non-Resident Capital Outlay $12.00 per unit $288.00
Enrollment Fee $46.00 per unit $1,104.00
Books and Supplies $828.00 per semester $1,656.00
Health/Accident Insurance $1,320.00 per year $1,320.00
Living Expenses $10,863 per year $10,863.00
    One Year Total Cost $20,295.00

You are required to certify that you will have a minimum of US $20,295.00 to pay the expenses for your first academic year at Fullerton College, exclusive of travel costs.

Students who are sponsoring themselves are required to show funds for the duration of a 2-year program of US $40,590.00.

Please note: Estimate of expenses may change without prior notice. You should anticipate tuition increases in subsequent years.