Health Insurance

All F-1 visa students are required to purchase health/accident insurance coverage from the college. A registration hold will be placed on your record if you fail to purchase it.

When to pay for health insurance

New students: Pay for health insurance after your academic orientation and before registration.

Continuing students: Pay for health insurance at least three business days* before your registration date and time.

*Business days are Monday-Friday. Health insurance holds are only removed during ISC office hours and not during the evening or weekends. If you pay health insurance fees on the weekend or the day before your registration date and time, we cannot guarantee that the health insurance hold will be released from your account by the time you need to register. Please plan ahead to avoid any delay!

How to pay for health insurance

The insurance mandated by Fullerton is Aetna PPO Open Choice. This policy provides for your basic health and accident care, prescriptions, and vaccinations exclusively for you as an international student.

When using your LewerMark insurance at the doctor’s office in California, let them know that your insurance is through Aetna PPO Open Choice for billing purposes.

How to use your insurance

Visit Fullerton College Health Services first and get a referral to another doctor. A referral will save you the co-pay cost.

Fullerton College Health Services
located by the 1200 building

SAVE MONEY by using a doctor or facility that is part of your health insurance network.

  • When you use a PPO provider, 100% of the costs will be covered.
  • If you use a non-PPO provider, only 80% of the expense will be covered.

How to find a doctor

Visit the LewerMark website to do a search for an in-network doctor, urgent care center, or pharmacy or call 1-800-821-7710 or email 

Need to see a dentist or an eye doctor?

Dental and Vision

LewerMark Health/Accident Insurance does not include dental and vision services. However you may view other options for coverage by clicking the link above.