Travel on the F-1 Visa

Plan ahead if you wish to travel outside the U.S. Visit the ISC at least two weeks before departure to submit your I-20 for a travel signature.

Traveling outside the U.S.

  • I-20 with authorization signature on page¬†2
  • Valid F-1 visa
  • Passport with 6 months validity after reentry to U.S.
  • EAD card and a letter from your employer, if completing OPT
  • Signed I-20 forms for F-2 dependents, if applicable

Entering the U.S.

Each time you enter the U.S., your electronic I-94 arrival/departure record is created and stored by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Your I-94 record is evidence of legal status in the U.S. You are advised to carry your passport, visa, and I-20 with you when traveling in the U.S. They are required for flights and also could be requested at checkpoints when you are traveling by car, train or bus.

Traveling to Canada and Mexico

For citizens of some countries, you may need a visa to travel to Canada or Mexico. Please check the sites below for more information:
Visas to Canada
Visas to Mexico*

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