Housing and Accommodation

Fullerton College does not provide on campus housing for students. If you are in need of housing accommodations, below are some resources to search for accommodations, as well as roommates, apartments, home-stay, and dorms.

Do you have a room available? If you would like to advertise that you have a room available for rent, specifically for international F-1 visa students, please complete the form below and email it to isc@fullcoll.edu. We will share the information with our F-1 international students. Please feel free to attach pictures of the room/location, as well. 

I Have a Room Available for Rent

Long-Term Accommodations

Once you feel comfortable in Fullerton and make friends, you may want to move into an apartment with other students. To save money, most students share a bedroom with a roommate. For example, four students will live in a two-bedroom apartment. You can find homestay, apartment, and roommate information below or view the housing resources binder at the ISC.


One of the best ways to improve your English and learn about American customs is to stay with an American family. Fullerton College works in partnership with four homestay programs that you can choose from:, International Student Placements (ISP), Universal Student Housing, and HomeStayMatch. Each program offers great services so be sure to review the applications and decide which program and cost works best for you.

  1. Click here for International Student Placements (ISP)
  2. Apply online with Universal Student Housing
  3. Search and choose your own homestay with HomestayMatch


If you are looking for roommates or would like roommates to find you, you can post it on the following search engines:

  • Craigslist.org
  • Roommates.com
  • You may complete a Roommate Inquiry Form for us to post and also see the Housing Resources Binder at the ISC.


There are many apartments that serve the large student population in Fullerton, and most are familiar with renting to F-1 visa students. We have compiled a list of local housing options which can be accessed here. Additionally, the following websites may assist you with your apartment search:


Colleges close to Fullerton College have housing options for you.

University Apartments
Dorm style living in an off campus, privately owned property across the street from CSU Fullerton (not affiliated with CSUF).  Spaces fill up quickly and it is best to apply early to ensure that a room is available.

Alight Fullerton

Dorm style living in an off campus, privately owned property. It is located minutes from Fullerton College’s campus and offers leases per semester or for the entire academic year.

Hope International University
On campus housing for students is based on availability. See application requirements here.


This information is offered as a courtesy only. Fullerton College does not review, inspect or recommend, nor are we affiliated with any of the listed accommodations on this page.

FC does not take any responsibility for the condition and/or specific circumstances arising from use of this information. Furthermore, Fullerton College expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise with regard to such property or rental units.  All prospective tenants are encouraged to exercise their own due diligence when evaluating any housing options, potential roommates, landlord, and rental (agreements) contracts.