F-1 Student Transfer Process

You may decide to transfer to a four-year university or to another educational program after completing your studies at Fullerton College or completing Optional Practical Training. You must transfer to a new school within 60 days of the last term attended.

It is important to discuss your plans with the counselor in order to receive guidance on:

  • Eligibility requirements for transfer
  • Deadlines to remember
  • Applications and other documents needed
  • Length of stay in the U.S. before your new transfer school begins
  • Travel outside the U.S. after transfer from Fullerton College

Steps to transfer out your SEVIS record:

  1. Visit the ISC
  2. Complete a “Student Request” form to transfer
  3. Submit a copy of the acceptance letter from your new school
  4. Sign the ISC waiver allowing release of your SEVIS record to your new school
  5. Complete the ISC exit survey