International Friendship Council Of North Orange County


There are many Americans living near the campus who would like to become friends with international students like you. Would you like to meet people who will invite you to their homes for dinner, take you to concerts or sporting events, or go to the beach or on picnics with you? Would you like to know someone who will help you and talk to you when you feel lonely? Our program is designed to help you to make friends and to live in an unfamiliar culture.

The International Friendship Council of North Orange County and the International Student Center at Fullerton College manage the program. Although the International Friendship Council assumes much of responsibility for administering the American Family Friend Program, that is not all it does. The Council, made up of community volunteers, organizes a variety of helpful services to international students. They participate in the international student orientation, provide short term home stays, organize group activities, and assist international students to have enjoyable experiences while studying and living in the USA.

The American culture has a long history of welcoming newcomers and assisting them in adjusting to life in the USA. The volunteers truly want to be your friend. These supportive people are sensitive to cultural and religious differences and the appropriate ways to welcome new students from many different language and cultural backgrounds. Although many of the volunteers are Christian, they will respect your religion and cultural traditions. The International Friendship Council also investigates friendship volunteers in advance to be sure you will be safe with them. If at any time you become uncomfortable in your relationship with your American friend, immediately speak to an advisor at the International Student Center. It is our responsibility to resolve any difficulties you have with your American Friend.


Complete the IFC Application and return it to the International Student Center. You will be contacted by an American friend within one or two weeks.