Scholarships and Financial Aid Information

Fullerton College does not offer financial aid to F-1 and F-2 students at this time.

Fullerton College Scholarships


Friends of Fullerton College Foundation
Friends of Fullerton College Foundation has various scholarships established to benefit students.  Students wishing to apply for a scholarship or loan, or anyone wishing to make a donation to support student scholarships should visit their Website or call (714) 992-7790.



Scholarship Search Engines and Links
International Education Financial Aid is a very helpful source for students searching for grants, fellowships, scholarships, loans, and internships. It is specifically targeted towards students seeking to study outside their home country and need additional financial resources.

NAFSA: Financial Aid Resources for Undergraduate F-1 Students

Follow this link to read about financial aid information compiled by the Association for International Educators
International Student Loan helps by offering access to a range of international student loans, foreign-enrolled loans and study abroad loans to international students in the USA.
International Scholarships is specifically tailored to international students and provides a comprehensive resource of scholarships, grants, and fellowships.

Private Organizations (U.S. and International),
Foundations, and Agencies that Offer Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund
The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund rewards student activists for peace and justice. Although citizenship status is not a deciding factor to receive an award, award recipients must be living and studying in the U.S.

University of Oregon Scholarships

UNESCO‘s International Guide to Higher-Education (2000)


The Rotary Foundation
Apply to the ambassadorial scholarship for a chance to study abroad to learn, as well as educate, about other cultures. Selected students will serve as goodwill ambassadors to the host country and are required to give presentations about their home country. Locations of study are determined based on the student’s language proficiency.  Students cannot apply to be ambassadors in a city in which they have previously lived or studied for 6 months. In addition to the Ambassador Scholarship, the Rotary club offers other scholarship opportunities.  Please consult their website for details.

UC Merced International Student Global Grant
All full time undergraduate F-1 international students who attend UC Merced automatically receive a global grant. It is $2,500.00 per semester or $5,000.00 per academic year.